My current and past projects leverage the tools from control theory, robotics, machine learning, quadrotor motion planning and control, multi-robot system, signal filtering and estimation, Robot Operating System (ROS), linear/nonlinear/optimal/networked control. The following is a collection of results and videos for these projects.

P1. Air-ground coordination of robotic swarm on the Robotarium

P2. GT formation with safety barrier certificates on the Robotarium (with Paul Glotfelter)

P3. Safety-aware Adaptive Learning for Brushbot Navigation (with Motoya Ohnishi and Gennaro Notomista)

P4. Graph-based reactive scheduling for 40 machines and 240 products (with Siemens Corporate Technology)

P5. Machine Learning in Stock Market Portfolio Optimization

P6. Seway robot navigation with Laser range sensor (with Varun Murali, Ian Buckley, and Niharika Arora)

P7. Human-swarm coverage control using iPad Input (with Matt Hale, Maria Santos, Paul Glotfelter, and Siddharth Mayya)

P8. Online Control, Estimation and Sensor Fusion of Bioreactor (with Matthew E. Pepper and Ajay Padmakumar)

P9. Reconfigure mechantronic system: 3D warehouse and XY plotter (with Fengjin Chai, Yiming Wu, Xinyan Zhao, and Patrick Scott)